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Long time, no post!

I, like many knitters, tend to knit faster when I am experiencing strong emotions. I zoom through projects while watching action flicks, and stress-knit at the speed of light.

I present as evidence:

Photo on 2014-02-01 at 20.50 #2
(for the record: this sock is knit at about 8 stitches to the inch)

I had a job interview in Maine yesterday. It was stressful and fun and scary and VERY exciting. I brought this simple sock along for the plane ride, de-stressing, etc. On Thursday afternoon, I was in the middle of the gusset increases – at around the bright green stripe in the middle of the foot. I cast off today. Most of that sock you see right there was done within 48 hours.

I don’t think I’ve ever knit a sock that big and that fast. Lesson learned: never underestimate the power of stress knitting!

Pattern: super-basic toe-up sock recipe with a wedge toe and slip stitch heel.
Yarn: Jawoll Magic. I. Love. This. Yarn.