Random Monday

  1. It snowed last night and was under 30 degrees Fahrenheit all day so I haven’t left the apartment yet today.
  2. I have, however, had a very productive day in my PJs.
  3. If it weren’t so darned cold, I would be well on my way to falling in love with the lovely city of Madison, WI.
  4. I went to a gourmet cheese shop yesterday. It was divine. The charming and handsome sales clerks must have either tried to hit on us or thought we were an adorable lesbian couple. Either way, the end result was a million free samples of delicious cheese.
  5. My most excellent photographer, Emmie, sent me the cream of the crop from last week’s photo shoot in preparation of the opening of my Etsy shop. Would you like a sneak peak? Of course you would.

IMG_0208 IMG_0256 IMG_0387


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