The Cold North

I made it safely to the home of my dear friend in Wisconsin. It was a very long trip and it is very cold here, but that’s okay because I used that very long trip to knit a warm hat for myself:

warm hat

(I am sorry for the terrible quality photo)

Pattern is my own design. The brim is a super bulky navy/pale blue 2ply in a simple feather-and-fan lace, which I did until I ran out of yarn, and the rest is straight stockinette in a bulky dark gray. It’s delightfully thick and warm, and kind of tight on my head so it feels like a warm head hug.

I noticed as I was packing for this trip that I didn’t have any warm hats. So, being a knitter, I packed yarn and some needles and before long I’d figured out a hat.

I started knitting this hat on the flight to Cleveland and finished sewing it up on the train from the airport to the bus stop in Chicago. Just in time, too, because Chicago was SO COLD.

I am extremely happy to have this warm hat now that I’m in the frozen north, and also very happy that I’m a knitter and could make something so beautiful, comfortable, and functional for myself on such short notice. What do the muggles do when they’re cold and hat-less?


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