Why I Started This Blog

I’ve been blogging consistently for a while but I never gave y’all a proper introduction to myself or why I started this blog. We’ll start with my reasons for blogging:

  • Because I love making things.
  • Because it’s nice to have a record of the things that I make.
  • Because I have very few crafting friends (especially knitters/crocheters/spinners), and none that live nearby.
  • Because the above reason means that I crave yarny companionship. You know, friendship with the people to whom I can tell my stories about that gorgeous sock yarn that jumped into my hands at the store, or that time I made a sweater that would fit the Hulk. People that won’t roll their eyes or pretend to be interested when I tell these stories. People that will understand, sympathize, and have great stories of their own.
  • Because I heard that people like this can be found on the internet, and one discovers them by reading other crafting blogs and writing one’s own blog.
  • Because I have been obsessively reading inspired by some really great knitting blogs.
  • Because I made a crafting tumblr a while back and liked it, but wanted room for more expression, pictures, etc.
  • Because I was talking to my uncle (and, apparently, blogging mentor) about my crafting tumblr and he said “Oh, grow up and get a WordPress.”

I’ll do a proper introduction of myself tomorrow.


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One response to “Why I Started This Blog”

  1. Jeyna Grace says :

    Indeed, you can find people with similar interest on the blogosphere.

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