A more satisfying method of measuring

Have you ever been knitting something very long (a scarf, sweater, sock, whatever), and been irritated by how often you have to stretch the darn thing out to measure it?

Have you ever been trapped in the knitting black hole – you measure something, knit for ages, measure again, and make no apparent progress?

I have a solution for you!

Use a locking stitch marker or piece of scrap yarn to keep a closer eye on your progress!

locking stitch marker

  1. Measure your piece so far.
  2. Go down to the nearest round inch, and put the locking stitch marker or scrap of yarn around a stitch there. (For example, if my sweater body measures 16 1/4 inches, I put the stitch marker at the 16 inch point)
  3. Write down the length marked by the stitch marker (in the example: 16″), and how much longer you need to go (for an 18″ sweater body – 2″ left to go).
  4. Observe your MUCH more visible progress from the stitch marker.
  5. Measure length from the marker much more easily than from the cast-on edge.
  6. Repeat as necessary

It is much more satisfying (and encouraging!) to say “my sweater needs to only be 2 inches longer than it is at this marker right here” than “my sweater needs to be 18 inches long.”


I have 8 days (not including today) left in the 30 Day Sweater Challenge. If I keep up my current pace (3 knitting hours per day),  I think I should be able to finish by the end of the month.

/Knocks on wood/

In other news: the heat on my house is not going to be turned on until Thursday. It’s supposed to be in the low fifties tonight and tomorrow. If I never blog again, it will be because I have died of cold before I had time to knit myself another sweater.


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One response to “A more satisfying method of measuring”

  1. knitnrun4sanity says :

    That is a really GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing. xx

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