Progress, etc.

I am slowly but surely making progress on my Sweater That Never Ends:

larger sweater body


14 inches

Just 3.5 inches to go before I can start setting up the armhole steeks and doing the fancy chest colorwork. Huzzah!

Other stuff going on chez Malika:

  1. I had a delightful weekend, with lots of knitting time and some friends visiting from out of town. Nashville got a weird cold front, though, and the heat in my house isn’t turned on for the winter yet, so it has been really rather chilly here. Lots and lots of sweaters.
  2. My knees are totally mutinying from my last few weeks’ attempts at jogging regularly. I’ve been resting them and icing them and they still aren’t happy. However, this means MORE KNITTING TIME!
  3. I am absolutely obsessed with CraftLit. It’s a podcast by the lovely Heather Ordover, an English teacher and writer. She spends the beginning of each podcast talking about crafty stuff (interviews, book reviews, casual chatting), and then she plays chapters of audiobooks from Librivox (free, on the public domain) and talks about them. It is absolutely delightful. I listened to Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion by Jane Austen, and just started Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. I love the idea (crafters love listening to audiobooks/podcasts while they knit!) and the execution. She does such a great job of walking you through the books! Check it out!

I hope everyone else has had a fantastic weekend!


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