Day 3

In spite of yesterday’s panic attack, I’m making good time on this here sweater:


I’m about 3.5 inches above the bottom hem edge.

I’ve been toying with the idea of attaching an i-chord in the deep purple contrasting color along the bottom and cuff hems. The Sleeves are attached and the shoulders are seamed with an i-chord in the deep purple, so I figured it might be more uniform. Plus I just freakin love the purple. Your thoughts?

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m having a lot of fun with the 30 day sweater challenge! In fact, it’s way more fun than I thought it would be. I’m not just knitting a sweater alone in my living room. I’m watching the Sweater Knitting Show, and seeing pictures of other people’s sweaters on Ravelry, and hearing everyone talk about their sweater progress. It’s awesome, and really inspiring! There’s so much creativity out there. There are 4,391 people taking the challenge (as of when I checked), and they’re aiming to get 5,000! That’s a lot of sweaters!

If you want to join, you can totally still sign up to take the challenge! It’s free, all they need is your email address, and you get access to a bunch of really great resources, like a sweater planning guide, the Sweater Knitting Show, and the online chat hangouts. Plus, they do lots of giveaways (including a chance to win a year’s worth of yarn. A year’s worth of yarn. FOR THE LOVE OF WOOL THAT’S A LOT OF FREE YARN). And you get a finished sweater out of the bargain. Pretty cool, no?

Check it out! And let me know if you decide to do it so I can creep on your sweater progress 🙂


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