Three things happened today:

1. Oh hey look I finished a sleeve and started another:


2. My new needles arrived in the mail. I had a minor panic attack when I realized I didn’t have the right size circulars for the body of this sweater (3mm/US size 2, 24″), and might finish the sleeves before these babies arrived today. Luckily, this did not happen. They’re the Sunstruck nedles from KnitPicks and they’re freaking gorgeous.


3. I realized I can’t knit colorwork with DPNs and watch Avatar (the James Cameron one with blue people, not The Last Airbender). It’s so exciting/visually interesting that I get so into it and I forget what’s happening with the stitches and the yarn and the needles and I’m not even sure what’s become of my sleeve.


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One response to “Three things happened today:”

  1. Sweaterchef says :

    That’s funny! I messed up a complex cable stitch that way once 🙂

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