Knitter Spotting

I was minding my own business today, behind the register at the restaurant where I work, when this lovely nice lady walked in. I rang up her order, and when she put her purse on the counter to fish out her wallet to pay, we had the following conversation:

Me: That’s such a cute purse!

Her: Thanks, it’s my knitting bag, too.

Me: Oh! Are you a knitter?

Her: I am.

Me: Me too!

We both begin to grin like idiots. She eagerly pulls her current Work-In-Progress out of her bag to show me. It is the most delightful top-down baby sweater in gorgeous blue/green yarn (like, 2plys are blue 1ply is green I LOVE THAT).

Me (totally drooling over this sweet little sweater) : … Can I touch it?


She let me fondle her gorgeous baby sweater, we chatted about the local yarn store and knitting bags and stuff. There was a short line of customers growing behind her now but neither of us cared, because we had each discovered a Knitter in the Wild. It was a delightful chance encounter, which are rare for me. I’ve met many knitters at yarn stores, at stitch-n-bitches, etc., you know – places where you would expect to meet knitters, but never a Knitter in the Wild.


The sweater sleeve progresses slowly. I got gauge (at least, I got close to gauge  – 6.75ish sts to the inch, where I’m supposed to get 7 – and the rest will block out) so I’m merrily knitting away on the lovely color charts. I’m using this sweater as a good excuse to get back into Game of Thrones – I’m listening to the audiobook of A Feast for Crows, and it’s delightful.



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2 responses to “Knitter Spotting”

  1. Kialtho says :

    I had a moment similar to this where I work, but instead of knitting the lady had a purse with pictures of sewing bobbins all over it, cue conversation about seeing machine haha. Knitting is still my preferred hobby though!!

  2. Mistine says :

    Love finding Knitters in the Wild.

    I just read the post to my SO and he looked at me like I was crazy. They’ll never understand….

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