By the Power of Tea and Healthy Vibes

The Lace Stole looks like a pile of pinkish mud, albeit a bigger pile than last time:


(I have to chant “The Magic of Blocking” over and over as I knit to remind myself that, once it’s blocked, this pile of mud will transform into a beautiful butterfly, metaphorically speaking, and will not resemble mud at all)

The second Unicorn Vomit Sock is now a whole foot:


with just the cuffs to go. Once these are done, I’ll dig through the stash to find something less… Unicorn Vomit-y to work on.


In other news, I’m feeling much better today, thanks to the healthy vibes y’all sent (thanks Geraldine!), lots of sleep and knitting, and at least five hundred pots of tea. Perhaps I’ll have a functional voice by tomorrow morning after all 🙂

And now, I’m off to research and do interview prep and try my hardest not to be too nervous about tomorrow’s interview. Wish me luck!


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One response to “By the Power of Tea and Healthy Vibes”

  1. teaspoonofmel says :

    Good luck with your interview! Glad you’re feeling better. It’s amazing what the power of tea and knitting can do!

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