Comic Con Socks

This weekend’s Nashville Comic Expo was really cool! I worked with some great people, and I got to be a total nerd among other total nerds for 48 hours. The people watching was really good (so much cosplaying!). I worked both days selling tickets for celebrity autographs, so I could talk to the fans about how much they love the celebrities they were getting to see and the shows/movies they were in.

Then I got to meet Rory McCann, the actor who plays Sandor “The Hound” Clegane on Game of Thrones. He’s awesome! We chatted for a bit about how he likes Nashville, and he told me a story about the horse that he works with on set. During one scene of the Red Wedding, his horse refused to comply at all, so they had to film him and Arya sitting on a stationary horse, bouncing up and down and pretending they were trotting away. He has the most beautiful deep voice, with a dashing Scottish accent, he is very tall and was wearing a most excellent wide-brimmed hat. I don’t think I embarrassed myself with fangirling, but it was a close call.

I also managed to take absolutely no pictures of anything the whole weekend. Sorry, y’all. ❤

I didn’t take my socks with me on Saturday, because I figured I would be working too much to work on them, and didn’t want to carry them around. Bad plan. I sat behind a cash box all day and had lots of time. So I brought my socks on Sunday and finished them:



I worked almost all of both days, so I was incredibly tired when I came home last night. I went to bed at 9.15, slept for 12 and a half hours(!!!), and woke up this morning feeling like I’d been run over by a bus several times. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal (I manage to get terribly sick once a year, and lightly sick about once a month or so. I’m used to mini-colds), but I have a job interview over Skype on Wednesday, so this whole not-having-a-voice thing is bad bad BAD. I’m spending today and tomorrow on vocal rest, taking it easy, knitting (of course), and drinking lots and lots of tea. Send healthy vibes my way please!


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2 responses to “Comic Con Socks”

  1. Geraldine says :

    oh, and I’m definitely sending healthy vibes your way! 🙂

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