Lace Chart Cleverness

First of all: thanks for all the comment love on my posts this week! I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks, and I’m so glad y’all are enjoying my posts.

Moving on!

So I’m making this lace thing:


Using Yarntopia Treasures Rayon Boucle yarn and the Easy Lace Medallion Stole pattern.

Now, I should tell you that I am a broke college grad (the kind that’s too cheap for sticky notes but will splurge on yarn) whose main joy in life is Making Things Out of Other Things, or Being Stubborn Clever, or practicing my I Don’t Have That, but This Works In a Pinch philosophy. Recall my lap desk cleverness of last week?

Yesterday I decided to start working on my lace thing again (we had a bit of a trial separation period after I finished the first medallion and got distracted by socks). I actually printed out the lace chart this time (instead of just using my computer), but I had no way of marking what row of the chart I was on. Most knitters use clever magnets, or highlighter tape, or sticky notes, or even plastic sleeves and dry erase marker. I had none of these things. No, not even sticky notes. Most normal sane knitters would have done the smart thing just worked on something else for an evening, gotten sticky notes at the store the next day, and moved on with their lives, but not this one!


Yes, that is a blank piece of printer paper folded in half, gently sandwiching the chart to mark the working row, and held in place with magnet chip clip things (glorified clothespins) that I stole from the fridge.


The weirdest thing is that the only other project I have on the needles (GASP! Only 2 projects on the needles?!) is the Unicorn Vomit Sock. No giant sweater. No massive slippers. No overdue birthday gifts. Just a lace stole and simple stockinette socks.


I’m not working tomorrow, so I think I’m going to be brave and finally take the singles I spun weeks ago (they’ve been “resting”) and ply them into yarn. I’ve never done this before, and I’m kind of scared. Wish me luck! I will report back with pictures, Jackie!


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3 responses to “Lace Chart Cleverness”

  1. Mistine says :

    I love that you’re knitting with the same yarn brand I am. I purchased some bamboo yarn from Yarntopia Treasures several years ago and I’m making a scarf/shawl out of it (clapotis). Love the ingenuity for the chart keeper. I splurged and bought the one with magnets from knitpicks when I ordered my needles. Best. tool. ever.

    • malikamadestuff says :

      I love Yarntopia Treasures, their colors are so rich and beautiful. The colors of your Clapotis are soooo nice, and I’m excited to see the finished product!

      I have this list of nice knitting things I’m going to buy for myself when I marry someone really rich or win the lottery or get a job or something, and a magnet chart board, a ball winder, and a swift are right at the top of the list. Do you like the knitpicks chart magnet thing?

      • Mistine says :

        I do, it is valuable for charts and repeating patterns. I added it in as a whatever item and the one tool that sees the most use.
        I only order from KP when I have enough to get the free shipping. The min is usually $50. I typically also wait for a sale and get the biggest bang for my buck. Love their products.

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