And the sweater is…

Done! Done done done. I couldn’t be more pleased.


It is An Aran for Frederick from Interweave’s Jane Austen Knits 2011, knit in Lion Brand Wool-ease worsted weight in “Violet.”


The pattern and yarn are both delightful and a joy to use, and I’m very pleased with the results.


I haven’t blocked or really worn it yet, so I’m expecting it to grow a little in length (sleeves and body) when I either get around to blocking it, or when Nashville stops being super-duper hot and I can wear it.

I made some modifications to the pattern (which was intended as a man’s sweater):

  • I added waist shaping.
  • I changed the neckline, making it deeper/wider and adding the ribbing.
  • I adjusted the cable pattern for the back saddle to compensate for the changed neckline.


This is only the second sweater I’ve ever knit. Granted, it took me over a year to finish it, but that’s just because I am the queen of leaving UFOs (Un Finished Objects) lying around for months at a time. I made quite a few mistakes, and I knit the neckline shaping by the seat of my pants (no planning, no note-taking, it isn’t remotely quite symmetrical). But I’m still so pleased.

Infinite thanks to John, the Best Flatmate in All the Land, for agreeing to be photographer extraordinaire.

Finally, lest I become too proud of my accomplishment and begin to take myself too seriously, here is a picture of me making a stupid face during the photo shoot:



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5 responses to “And the sweater is…”

  1. joanfrankham says :

    I love it, though all the cables and things look a bit too complicated for me. Maybe next year!!

  2. trpeters02 says :

    Wow! It is amazing!

  3. My Northern Cottage View says :

    Absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning wearing it! Great job!

  4. malikamadestuff says :

    Thanks so much, y’all! 🙂
    Joan – it is complicated, but only when you look at the whole sweater all at once. Like any piece of knitting, it’s made one stitch at a time, and each stitch isn’t complicated at all. You can do it!

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