More cleverness

I have more proof today that I am quite a smart cookie indeed.

Some background info: I just graduated, am looking for work, and am living in a very temporary situation. Which just means that I have no proper furniture, because I don’t want to buy any because I’d just have to move it if when I get a proper job. So I don’t have a desk. I’ve been doing all my blogging/job applying/knitting either in my bed (bad idea!) or at my kitchen table. My posture is awful when I sit, but much better when I stand, and I’ve been investigating the benefits of having a standing desk.

So after 3 months of living desk-less yesterday I janky-rigged a standing desk with a chest of drawers, an enormous CD case, and a lap desk. Behold!


The best part is that the lap desk has a handle, which is PERFECT to hang my knitting bag on. So I can take a knitting-and-reading-knitting-blogs breaks whenever I need to. 🙂 I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

As you can see, I’m making progress on the socks. I work on them a little bit at a time, but steadily. I’m almost at the heel turn.

Speaking of progress:


I finished the shoulder saddles! All that’s left is a back saddle (I’m gonna re-design the cables a little bit for that, make it not quite as long) and I think I’m gonna do the 2×2 rib around the neck. Maybe a row of purls first to give it a good border. We’ll see!


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One response to “More cleverness”

  1. Cinn says :

    I am so with you on the whole, “don’t buy until you’re settled”. Stick to the simple and creative. Moving is painful, I’ve done it three times in the past year. Less stuff = less hurting lol.

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