An Ode to DPNs

I have recently been lusting after metal Double Pointed Needles.

My reasons are as follows:

  1. I mainly make small circular things (socks, mittens, etc.) on one long circular needle using the Magic Loop method. But I want to switch things up.
  2. I’ve been reading old archived posts of the Yarn Harlot’s blog, and she knits with metal DPNs. She spent the Spring of 2005 on traditional Latvian/other Nordic colorwork and mittens. They are beautiful, and I covet her skills/experience/mittens.
  3. I have also been reading other things about traditional knitting. Like Jane Austen Knits.
  4. One thing that I really love about knitting is that we share a connection of knits and purls with countless people that came before us. Knitting has been an essential part of human life for the past few centuries, and much of that essential-ness has passed with industrialism. But modern knitters still have that connection, and it is something that I cherish. (This is also a reason why I really really really want to become a Spinner, as well as a Knitter)
  5. I have been wanting to experiment with knitting the way that Knitters Of Yore used to knit. Namely, with very thin, very long metal DPNs. It makes that connection (see above) feel stronger, and might make me appreciate modern knitting technology that much more.
  6. I found these at Michael’s over the weekend, for only $13.


That is a set of twenty (20) 5″ DPNs, with five needles each in sizes 1 (2.25mm), 0 (2.0mm), 00 (1.75mm) and 000 (1.5mm!!!!). The pen is for scale. These needles are SO THIN, much longer than I’m used to, and perfectly slippery. I knit a tiny gauge swatch with the 000s and nearly stabbed myself several times. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on if you’re crazy me), this made me even more excited about the prospect of experimenting with these.

Does anyone have good patterns or yarns to suggest for my experimenting? The more traditional, beautiful, and challenging, the better. I love love love intricate colorwork, but haven’t had much gumption opportunity to try.

P.S. omg I just figured out how to embed links in the text and I felt REALLY CLEVER until I realized it took me over a month to figure it out.


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2 responses to “An Ode to DPNs”

  1. Geraldine says :

    I loathed DPN’s when I first tried them, I was so clumsy with them. Now I love them, and I’ve gotten a lot faster using them too. Great post!

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