Professional Optimism!

My not-really-networking event today was absolutely marvelous. I met cool people, some of them asked for my contact info and resume, I learned so much and I soaked up the experience and knowledge like a sponge in a suit (speaking of – I ended up rejecting last night’s wardrobe plan about ten minutes before walking out the door this morning. Proof that I’m insane!).

I got two free meals (SCORE!) and many business cards. I’m feeling pretty good about what today, and days like today, and the people I met today, and people like the people I met today, will mean for my career.

Yay professional optimism!

I brought my knitting with me, just in case I would have any down time. HA! I worked not a single stitch on these babies today, and rarely have I been more glad to have no opportunity to knit.



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