Crocheting excitedly

Last night on the phone with my sister (first of all – I think it is beyond cool that I can call my sister on the phone. Like, whenever I want to. She’s a recently Returned Peace Corps Volunteer), I told her about my exciting to-do yesterday. To end the convo, I said “I’m too excited, I think I’ll go crochet,” and she gave a good guffaw.

“Crochet excitedly??” she chuckled.

I raised one eyebrow in a “If you only knew” expression, remembered I’m talking on the phone, and instead said “If you only knew.”

I’m sure my fellow crafters can easily call to mind times of crafting excitedly. When a new yarn comes in the mail, for example. Or when you’re super close to casting off a really big project. Sometimes it happens when doing boring knitting but watching an exciting movie. There is generally much waving of arms, “YAY ALMOST DONE”s, and possibly even dancing involved. If you’ve never seen a grown woman dancing around her apartment while crocheting a large blanket, then you probably don’t live with me.


Speaking of, the Wooleater continues apace:


It looks the same as yesterday, only bigger, so I thought I’d photograph it differently to add some intrigue.

You know what they say, there’s nothing like a fresh new angle to add spice to your sex life crocheting.

It can be boring to follow a knitting blog of a project-monogamous knitter, so I’ll start writing about new/other projects tomorrow, promise!


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