Nervous Networking

Tomorrow is my first professional networking event, and I am very nervous/excited.

Well, technically it’s not a networking event. It’s a study abroad fair at my Alma Mater. But the university study abroad staff invited me, and I’m gonna take full advantage of this opportunity to schmooze with the pros.

I’ve printed off contact cards (to call them business cards would be an insult to business cards), I’ve chosen an outfit (after rejecting many!), I’ve researched the people who will be there, I’ve baked cookies (for emotional support, you see), I figured out and wrote down the bus schedule, and I feel ready.

As per usual, I’ve been crocheting as both a relaxation and procrastination tool. Purple and green have been added to the Wooleater (it’s getting so big!), and it doesn’t even look that bad with the blue!




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One response to “Nervous Networking”

  1. Alexander Watson says :

    Good luck on your event. We’re taking a week in Ocean City where I hope to get a lot of needlework done. Projects seem to complete rapidly with I am more disciplined about budgetting time. Nice post.

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