Yesterday I received a job offer.

I proceeded to become really excited about said job offer. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel wanted, right? It was for an exciting job, and I was very excited.

So I called my mother and my father and my sister and texted my brother and my best friends and my boyfriend and ($#!@, I forgot call my grandmother!) and they were all excited for me.

And then I did my research and read through the contract and consulted with my parents, who are very familiar with the country in which this job was located, and I thought long and hard about what I wanted out of life.

And then I declined the offer.


My incredibly encouraging and enthusiastic family and friends tell me that, though this opportunity wasn’t right for me, it was a sign that better things are to come, and the Right Job will be headed my way any day now. I’m inclined to tentatively believe them a little bit, and I love them even more for believing in me.


To relieve my feelings and relax after all that excitement, I worked on my Wooleater.


It’s getting so big that it keeps me warm while I crochet:


And that’s pretty darn exciting, too 🙂


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