Finishing What I Start

2 weeks ago, my father came to visit me, and he brought a large portion of my stash. Since I started living on my own, and since I graduated and started having more time for crafting, I have been missing the stash that lived at my parents’ house.

I’ve been meaning to crochet a blanket for myself (I don’t own any blankets. How did this happen?), but all my yarn was in Maine. My father is very yarn illiterate, but with a lot of patience on his part and a long Skype session, he went through my stash and picked out all the worsted weight and brought it with him to visit me. Best Dad Ever, right? It’s a lot of yarn:


He also brought books (sock books and my Anne McCaffrey collection – YAY) and some non-worsted that sneaked in the yarn bag. With the exception of the light purple roving to the left and the dark purple fingering weight in the top left, all of that beautiful yarn is gonna be a big ol’ stash-busting blanket. A BEAUTIFUL stash-busting blanket that I am very very VERY eager to start. (Ravelry pattern page:

That being said.

I have a problem with starting lots of projects and then … not finishing them. I have three pretty big WIPs on the hooks/needles right now: a cabled sweater (with only the yoke left to knit!), a lace shawl, and a crocheted stealth project. I promised myself that I would finish one of the three before I start on my blanket.

The crochet stealth project is closest to finishing and also the most pressing deadline-wise, so I chose that one. It’s been just a few hours away from finishing for about 8 months now. So the other day I made a bunch of small fiddley thing-bobs:


20 of them, in fact. Then I wove in a LOT of ends:


Now you see why I’ve been putting it off?

Thankfully, I’m now at the part of the project where all that’s left is to stuff it and sew all the bits together. My faaaaaaaaaavorite part of the process. 😦 But then it will be DONE! And I can gift it and never worry about it again 🙂

Happy Crafting,



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