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My Today

My Today went a little like this:

  • Wake up
  • Decide my alarm clock must be malfunctioning
  • Go back to sleep
  • Wake up again
  • Read Yarn Harlot (yeah, I’m reading all of the archived posts of, it’s incredibly awesome and I love her, what of it?)
  • Actually get out of bed
  • Make breakfast
  • Eat breakfast while reading Yarn Harlot
  • Shower so my hairdresser doesn’t think I never shower
  • Go to hairdresser
  • Get haircut! (extra points for extra shortness and crazy eyes!)


  • Return from hairdresser, avoiding near-death-experience by mail truck
  • Shower again to get all the hair off
  • Read more Yarn Harlot
  • Actually get around to applying for jobs
  • Realize how little time I have for applying to lots of jobs before I go to work tonight
  • Apply for 2 jobs
  • Cook and eat lunch while reading Yarn Harlot
  • Apply for one more job
  • Read more Yarn Harlot
  • Start applying for another job, realize I’m way under-qualified and give up
  • Read more Yarn Harlot
  • Find eight (8) more jobs to apply for (thankfully not due today)
  • Discover that I can knit while reading Yarn Harlot
  • Read more Yarn Harlot and knit


I’m so clever


Staring me down

First, my reasons for posting:

  1. I promised to show you pictures of my other projects, so you don’t have to stare at yet another picture of the growing Wooleater.
  2. Maybe if I post pictures of UFOs, I’ll be motivated to actually work on them.

And, without further ado, here is the monster sweater that has been hanging over my head for the past year:


No, the arms aren’t mis-matched, I just have them turned different ways so you can see the texture on both sides (cables on the outside, moss/seed stitch on the inside of the arm).

Here’s a more detailed picture of the cables on the front:


The actual color is a lovely dark dusty purple, not the fuzzy bluish nonsense shown in the picture.

I’m knitting An Aran for Frederick from the first Jane Austen Knits ( using Lion Brand’s worsted weight Wool-Ease ( in “Violet.”

It’s a man’s sweater pattern, so I’m adapting it a bit to fit me. First, some subtle waist shaping to be more flattering on my elegant feminine figure (ha!), and I’m also completely re-doing the neckline to be less tight and more boat-neck-y. Kind of like this ( but not really.

I know that’s not very specific. Hell, I don’t even really know what I’m talking about. I’m planning to sort of make it up as I go (always an excellent plan), which scares me, which is the main reason why it has been sitting untouched in its project bag for the past 11 months.

Alright readers. If you’re out there, your job is to peer pressure me into finishing this sweater. It’s gonna be so lovely and warm when it’s done, right? You can’t wait to see pictures of the finished project, right? Right??

In the meantime, I have carefully placed it at the foot of the couch so it will stare me down until I pick it up and finish it.


Purple Aran says: “Why are you blogging? Why are you playing video games? You should be knitting meeeeeeeeeee…”

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality pictures! My proper camera’s charger is MIA, so all I’m left with is my stupid awful crappy cell phone camera.

Crocheting excitedly

Last night on the phone with my sister (first of all – I think it is beyond cool that I can call my sister on the phone. Like, whenever I want to. She’s a recently Returned Peace Corps Volunteer), I told her about my exciting to-do yesterday. To end the convo, I said “I’m too excited, I think I’ll go crochet,” and she gave a good guffaw.

“Crochet excitedly??” she chuckled.

I raised one eyebrow in a “If you only knew” expression, remembered I’m talking on the phone, and instead said “If you only knew.”

I’m sure my fellow crafters can easily call to mind times of crafting excitedly. When a new yarn comes in the mail, for example. Or when you’re super close to casting off a really big project. Sometimes it happens when doing boring knitting but watching an exciting movie. There is generally much waving of arms, “YAY ALMOST DONE”s, and possibly even dancing involved. If you’ve never seen a grown woman dancing around her apartment while crocheting a large blanket, then you probably don’t live with me.


Speaking of, the Wooleater continues apace:


It looks the same as yesterday, only bigger, so I thought I’d photograph it differently to add some intrigue.

You know what they say, there’s nothing like a fresh new angle to add spice to your sex life crocheting.

It can be boring to follow a knitting blog of a project-monogamous knitter, so I’ll start writing about new/other projects tomorrow, promise!

Professional Optimism!

My not-really-networking event today was absolutely marvelous. I met cool people, some of them asked for my contact info and resume, I learned so much and I soaked up the experience and knowledge like a sponge in a suit (speaking of – I ended up rejecting last night’s wardrobe plan about ten minutes before walking out the door this morning. Proof that I’m insane!).

I got two free meals (SCORE!) and many business cards. I’m feeling pretty good about what today, and days like today, and the people I met today, and people like the people I met today, will mean for my career.

Yay professional optimism!

I brought my knitting with me, just in case I would have any down time. HA! I worked not a single stitch on these babies today, and rarely have I been more glad to have no opportunity to knit.


Nervous Networking

Tomorrow is my first professional networking event, and I am very nervous/excited.

Well, technically it’s not a networking event. It’s a study abroad fair at my Alma Mater. But the university study abroad staff invited me, and I’m gonna take full advantage of this opportunity to schmooze with the pros.

I’ve printed off contact cards (to call them business cards would be an insult to business cards), I’ve chosen an outfit (after rejecting many!), I’ve researched the people who will be there, I’ve baked cookies (for emotional support, you see), I figured out and wrote down the bus schedule, and I feel ready.

As per usual, I’ve been crocheting as both a relaxation and procrastination tool. Purple and green have been added to the Wooleater (it’s getting so big!), and it doesn’t even look that bad with the blue!




Yesterday I received a job offer.

I proceeded to become really excited about said job offer. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel wanted, right? It was for an exciting job, and I was very excited.

So I called my mother and my father and my sister and texted my brother and my best friends and my boyfriend and ($#!@, I forgot call my grandmother!) and they were all excited for me.

And then I did my research and read through the contract and consulted with my parents, who are very familiar with the country in which this job was located, and I thought long and hard about what I wanted out of life.

And then I declined the offer.


My incredibly encouraging and enthusiastic family and friends tell me that, though this opportunity wasn’t right for me, it was a sign that better things are to come, and the Right Job will be headed my way any day now. I’m inclined to tentatively believe them a little bit, and I love them even more for believing in me.


To relieve my feelings and relax after all that excitement, I worked on my Wooleater.


It’s getting so big that it keeps me warm while I crochet:


And that’s pretty darn exciting, too 🙂

Going on Strike

Sometimes I get so sick of follow-up emails and cover letters and informational interviews that I go on strike – protesting the job application process, of course – and don’t do anything productive in the job world for a whole day or two. I spend that new-found free time making a tasty meal (avocado-bean-veggie salad on toast YUM) or crocheting and watching TV, which makes me feel a little better.

Then I remember that I’m an unemployed adult, my “strike” is only hurting me and my chances, and nobody else cares.